Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Movie Review: Cure for Wellness

The Cure for Wellness is a horror/sci-fi flick that takes place at a sanitarium in the Swiss Alps.  A young stockbroker is somewhat blackmailed into getting his colleague Pembrooke back from Switzerland and to New York City in order to sign off on a lucrative deal.  The young man is given the run-around from the moment he gets to the Swiss hospital.  

The young stock broker leaves the hospital and then returns after getting into a car crash. His leg is broken and he is forced to stay at the sanitarium for a few days.  He also needs to take Pembroke back with him.  There is (of course) no usage of cell phones and the Internet.  The hospital looks like a spa for rich, eccentric people.  The stockbroker soon learns there is much more going on.  The patients are being used as some kind of an experiment that involves water.  The hospital has an urban haunted legend that goes with it-a baron who marries his sister.  Soon the stockbroker figures out that he is more of a prisoner than a patient.
My Review: This movie wasn't exactly scary.  It was more of a slow-drip kind of uncomfortable creepy.  I loved the dental procedure the stock broker had to go through.  The music was haunting.  The acting by the entire cast made my skin crawl.  But the real star of the movie was the plot.  Great story telling through the script and the camera shots.  I loved everything, especially the eels.  It worked on every level.  I paid 6.99 for on-demand, but would have gladly been content if I had to pay the full 10.00 ticket price at the theaters.  This is a real treat for horror-lite/sci-fi fans.  5/5 Stars

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